International Currents offers you excellent protection at an extraordinary value. It offers a multitude of comprehensive health benefits coupled with unique marine benefits bespoke to your profession.

Fully Portable

All MarineSure plans are fully portable within your region of cover. Allowing you to stay fully protected and seek care when and where you need it.

Comprehensive Cover

Our core protection is second to none precisely because we offer so much protection from the very start.

Lifestyle Benefits

Benefits such as routine check-ups; wellness, preventive exams, vaccinations, and vision care. All to keep you going strong while you’re at sea.

24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance and Evacuation

Essential to all of our international health plans is our 24/7 emergency medical assistance hotline and medical evacuation. Because as a marine professional you never know where you might end up and what help you could need.

General exclusions

Some of the main general exclusions for the Currents health plan include:

  • Maternity benefits
  • Over-the-counter medications and supplies which do not require a physician prescription
  • Treatments or services that exclusions deem to be experimental or investigational
  • Charges for or related to services, treatments, education testing or training related to learning disabilities or development delays including but not limited to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Participation in a professional sports or any hazardous sport or activity
  • Dental implants of any type
  • Plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery or other services and supplies which improve, alter or enhance appearance

There is a 24 month waiting period for organ transplants.

Feeling at Home while at Sea

We always try to make you feel at home wherever you may be. Our plans are set up for your convenience in mind. We offer direct settlement for hospitalisation around the globe. And we have local convenient direct billing networks in many countries for instant cash-less access to out-patient services such as doctor visits, exams, lab fees and prescription drugs. Ask about our direct billing arrangements in your area.

Getting Started with a MarineSure Health Plan

It is easy to enrol into one of our health plans. Just follow the link on the below and enroll online. It's easy, fully secure and just takes a few minutes. You will receive an instant email confirmation once you have completed the form. Or feel free to browse more information online with our plan highlights and Table of Benefits. You can download our brochure or get an instant online quote, all at the touch of a button. And we are always eager to help you out.